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Jun 9, 2005
7:00 PM

Verizon Laboratories

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Verizon's Fiber to The Premises Deployment: Lessons learned

Dr. Vincent O'Byrne, Verizon, Waltham, MA

Co-sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society


Abstract:  In order to make FTTP a reality various architectural choices have had to be made to make both the technology, its adoption by the customer and its deployment cost effective.   This paper reviews such decisions and lessons learned and describes how Verizon has architected its FTTP network.  It describes the services it envisions in the near and long term and how these have to be factored into the initial design of the system from day one. These architectural design considerations will enable Verizon to fully realize a truly passive network in the outside plant and realize operational savings and help make FTTP finally a reality.


Biography:  Vincent O'Byrne PhD. (Elect. Eng. 88, MBA Babson 01) is the Director of Wireline Technologies at Verizon Technology Organization and has over fifteen years of experience in the communications field covering both wireline and wireless technologies at Verizon.    He is responsible for the introduction of the FTTP platform into the Verizon network and led Verizon's interests in the recent RFP covering this topic with SBC and BellSouth.  Dr. O'Byrne's has worked on linearizing DFB lasers and external modulators for the transmission of video content and co-authored some early papers on the issue of reflections in analog systems and methods to reduce these in high powered CATV systems.  Dr. Vincent O'Byrne has published widely in the wireless and fiber optic arena and has nine patents.


Location:  Verizon Laboratories