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Jan 10, 2006
7:00 PM

Lowell Brewery

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Optical Testing Methodologies for characterization of High Brightness LEDs

Mr. Greg McKee, Labsphere, Inc.


Abstract:  This talk will provide participants with a working knowledge of the optical properties of LEDs and how to measure them correctly.  The discussion concentrates on parameters of interest and identifying areas that can lead to large measurement errors.  Practical examples are covered, including actual measurements of packaged LEDs.  Participants will be able to identify and address critical variables that lead to reliable measurements.

The result of this talk will enable participants to:

•Understand the various optical properties of LEDs (radiometric, photometric & colorimetric)

•Perform measurements consistent with current standards and understand the trends accepted methodology

•Specify measurement systems and conditions

•Identify parameters that affect accuracy

•Improve existing measurement accuracy


Biography:  Mr. Greg McKee is the Product Marketing Manager for Labsphere's light metrology products.  He has served Labsphere since 1988 in several roles, including calibration laboratory manager and applications engineering manager.  In Greg's current position, he is responsible for surveying customer needs and translating those needs into product specifications and managing Labsphere’s light metrology business.  He assists customers through applications support and training, including worldwide travel, and has written multiple articles  on light measurement.  Greg holds a B.S. degree in electro-optics from the University of Houston.  He has served on several professional societies, including the Illuminating Engineers Society of North America and the Council for Optical Radiation Measurement, where he is currently the secretary (


Location:  Lowell Brewery