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Apr 13, 2023
6:00 PM

MIT Lincoln Laboratory Forbes Road

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Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing with Photonics

Dr. Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia, PsiQuantum, Palo Alto, CA


Dr. Mercedes  Gimeno-Segovia, PsiQuantum, Palo Alto, CA

Abstract:  General-purpose fault-tolerant quantum computers will utilize millions of physical qubits, thus requiring an underlying qubit technology that can be manufactured at scale. Integrated silicon photonics is an intrinsically scalable and manufacturable platform where all necessary gates are available to manipulate qubits, encoded in photons, with very high fidelity and low noise. In this talk, we will discuss architectures for fault-tolerant quantum computing with photonics in the newly introduced fusion-based quantum computing paradigm. Fusion-based quantum computing presents a new framework for fault-tolerant quantum computation, focused on the efficient integration of quantum error correction and physical-level hardware operation. Its primitives, small, entangled resource states, and projective entangling gates make it particularly useful in an integrated photonics platform, offering significant architectural simplifications and reducing requirements on physical level operations.


Biography:  Dr. Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia is VP of System Architecture at PsiQuantum Corp. She received her PhD from Imperial College London for her work on linear optical quantum computing architectures. After postdoctoral positions in Bristol (UK) and Calgary (Canada), she joined PsiQuantum in 2017, where she leads a team working on the design and development of an architecture for universal fault-tolerant quantum computing using silicon photonics.


Location:  MIT Lincoln Laboratory Forbes Road