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Wednesday, April 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 2015, 7:00–9:30 PM
Located at MIT Lincoln Laboratory – 244 Wood Street, Lexington, MA, 02420, USA

April 8, 2015
5:30 PM

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Special Seminar @ 5:30pm: Microwave, Terahertz, and Optical Simulations in COMSOL

Dr. Walter Frei, COMSOL, Inc., Burlington, MA


Abstract:  COMSOL Multiphysics offers a suite of electromagnetics simulation products: a full-wave vectorial formulation for solving Maxwell's equations, a beam envelope method for simulations of devices with slowly varying beam envelopes, and a ray tracing method for simulations of devices much larger than the wavelength. Learn about the usage of the COMSOL Multiphysics product suite in applications ranging from microwave, terahertz, and optical regimes.

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For more information on the technical content of the workshop, contact either:
1) Jonathan Klamkin (, Workshop Committee Co-Chair
2) Keisuke Kojima (, Workshop Committee Co-Chair
3) Reuel Swint (, Workshop Committee Co-Chair
4) Jade Wang (, Boston Photonics Society Chair