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Quantum Optics/Engineering Workshop 

Wednesday, April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 2014, 7:00-9:30 PM
Located at MIT Lincoln Laboratory - 244 Wood Street, Lexington, MA, 02420, USA

Quantum Optics originated with Planck, Einstein, and Bose in the early 20th century. For decades, its astonishing features of quantum entanglement, state-squeezing, and anti-bunching were lab curiosities of fundamental physics. However in the past two decades, with the advancement of nano-engineering, resulting from the rapid progress in device miniaturization and integration, Quantum Optics has entered the high-tech engineering world, leading to a burgeoning array of practical new applications. Some of these novel Quantum Optics devices, fabricated in various different material platforms, are quantum dot single-photon optical sources (in semiconductors), gyroscopes and accelerometers (in ultra-cold matter), quantum memory and quantum information processors (in trapped atoms and ions), non-electronic spintronics (in diamond and other crystals), solar cells or extremely fast-switching transistors (in graphene), ultra-stable and precise atomic clocks (in gas atomic cells), and entangled micro-wave quantum computers (in superconductors), among others. The impact of these new Quantum Optical devices will have a profound effect on information processing and instrumentation, network data transmission, national security and defense, terrestrial and space navigation, complex biological and pharmaceutical simulations, geological oil and mineral exploration, process monitoring and sensing, and diagnostic medicine in our future engineering career. In this workshop the organizers also aim to foster communication and collaboration through networking among the many different fields of Quantum Optics of the individual engineers and researchers attending. To learn more about the rapid advances of Quantum Optics directly from the foremost researchers in different optic specialties, register for and attend this local Boston Quantum Optics Workshop.

Apr 2, 2014

Quantum Optics, Some Past and Present Trends Slides

Prof. Mark Hillery, Hunter College of CUNY, New York, NY

Quantum Information Science with Superconducting Artificial Atoms Slides

Dr. William D. Oliver, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA

Apr 9, 2014

(Anti-)Matter Waves for Researching Time, Mass, and Gravity Slides

Prof. Holger Müller, University of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA

Nonlinear Optics: The Enabling Technology for Quantum Information Science Slides

Prof. Robert W. Boyd, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

Apr 16, 2014

SchrŲdingerís Rainbow: The Renaissance in Quantum Optical Interferometry Slides

Prof. Jonathan P. Dowling, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

Topological Quantum Computation

Prof. Sankar Das Sarma, University of Maryland, College Park, MD

Apr 23, 2014

Secure Communication via Quantum Illumination Slides

Prof. Jeff H. Shapiro, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Optimizing the Application and Implementation of the [[7,1,3]] Quantum Error Correction Code Slides

Dr. Yaakov S. Weinstein, MITRE, Princeton, NJ

Apr 30, 2014

BosonSampling: A Progress Report Slides

Prof. Scott Aaronson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Superfluid Helium Quantum Interference Devices Slides

Dr. Yuki Sato, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

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